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  Business Scope:
  ·Software development/consulting
  ·Embedded system development
  ·E-business Web Services
  ·BPO Data Entry
  ·Software Testing Quality
  ·Web-hosting Service
  ·IT Service Outsourcing

  ·Government sector
  ·Banking / Finance
  ·Petroleum / Chemical

Software Development

·Mobile Application Development
·Database Design and Development
·Database Administration
·Outsourced Development
·Web Services

Mobile Application Development:

Through successful projects delivered to clients, ISW has built a strong expertise in developing mobile and wireless solutions, using .NET and J2ME frameworks for rapid deployment and sophisticated user functionality. Our experience extends to the Operating Systems for handhelds devices such as Pocket PC. Our wireless solutions cover 802.X, GPRS, CDMA/GSM, and Bluetooth. Clients benefit from our strength in building custom tools that integrate with Enterprise Solutions such as ERP, Sales Force Automation, and CRM applications.

Database Design and Development:

ISW's team of professionals have the know-how to develop and implement high quality applications using
?MS SQL Server

Clients depend on our Data Management and Integration services to enable them to integrate and migrate legacy systems to more advanced data warehouses and Oracle databases

Database Administration:

ISW provides Database Administration (DBA) services to help clients to improve system performance, increase efficiency, and reduce cost of operation. Our team of remote DBA experts enables clients to get the help they need at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees locally with comparable experience.

Our Remote DBA services range from simple database augmentation to 24X7 proactive monitoring. All services are covered by straightforward, easy-to-understand Service Level Agreements (SLA). Additionally, we provide comprehensive reports to clients to verify superior database performance.

We help clients determine the best strategies for reducing exposure to disruptive downtime and make certain that their databases are operating at peak efficiency, regardless of changes in user loads.

We help clients understand and evaluate their database administration options using our database experts, information resources, and analytical tools. This enables clients to develop strong database administration and technology strategies they need to stay competitive.

Outsourced Development:

ISW delivers high quality full life-cycle product development services. We help small software companies reduce their time-to-market for new products, and avoid unnecessary expansion of their product development teams. Our software product development expertise enables our teams to take on specific project tasks:
?Architectural design
?System design
?Business analysis

Web Services:

The intention of Web services is to pave the way for vision fulfillment of collaborative commerce by removing constraints to business imposed by IT in its present form.
The loose coupling model of Web services allows enterprises to overcome the myriad ways businesses use to reach their customers and partners today, to adopt new business models right in time and to serve and utilize adhocracy of business transactions and processes - the promise of business agility!
The Web services model is independent of whether the components being composed belong to the same organization or form a hybrid service using functions from many individual companies which empowers organizations to benefit from collaborative synergies of their trading community and to focus on their core business.

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