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  Business Scope:
  ·Software development/consulting
  ·Embedded system development
  ·E-business Web Services
  ·BPO Data Entry
  ·Software Testing Quality
  ·Web-hosting Service
  ·IT Service Outsourcing

Software Migration and Software Development Projects

Migrated 340+ UI dialogs coded in C++ to .Net Framework 2.0 in C#. Created 140+ new UI dialogs based on specifications provided by the client. Dialog coding quality met or exceeded stringent client specified coding guidelines and specifications. Projects finished within budget and ahead of schedule.

Client Description: One of the world’s most famous software companies. It provides a variety of products and services all over the world, generating annual revenue of tens of billion US dollars.

Field: IT Industry

Project Background: In order to be used in various software systems, the client is required to not only migrate hundreds of dialogs in C++ based on MFC/Win32, and MMC1.2 to dialogs in C# based on .NET Framwork2.0, and MMC2.1, but also to create new dialogs based on client provided specifications. These projects include both development and maintenance phases.

Project Area: Software development, test and maintenance

Size: 190 people*month

Project Characteristic:
·Knowledge field: This project requires a solid understanding of the software development life cycle, framework structure, test regulations and security rules.
·Technique: Familiarity with the settings of Windows' components and coding in C++ and C# (.NET Framework) is required. Experience in testing and the ability to use the required test tools is also necessary.
·High Productivity: In order to meet the client's requirements, all the dialog migration must be completed as planned. All new dialogs must be completed as scheduled. Delays in either project impacts the final delivery date of the product, and any deviation from schedule is very costly for the client.
·Communication Skill: An extremely high English level is required. All members must be able to complete all the files and reports in English and communicate with the client in English.
·Management Skill: Team members must be able to manage all resources, file work reports and quality control reports periodically.

Solution: After carefully selecting group members, we sent project managers with strong English communication abilities and project management skills to the client’s site (USA). In order to ensure that all members understood the client’s requirements and possessed the necessary skills, we held strict training sessions before the project started. As the project went on, we communicated with the client efficiently and solve any problems that arose in a timely fashion.

Result: The project was completed successfully. We won the satisfaction and trust of this client, by delivering quality code on time, and to budget.

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