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  Business Scope:
  ·Software development/consulting
  ·Embedded system development
  ·E-business Web Services
  ·BPO Data Entry
  ·Software Testing Quality
  ·Web-hosting Service
  ·IT Service Outsourcing

Manufacturing ERP

Developed and implemented a multi-location and multi-platform ERP system for a well-known Japanese company. Provided on-site consultation and maintenance services.

Field: Manufacturing

Project Area: Network implementation, software and hardware purchase, detailed design, coding, unit test, group test and system maintenance.

Size: 350 people*month

Client Description: Our Tokyo (Japan) based client, is one of the world's most famous companies, with more than 200 years of history. As a large and powerful organization, owning over 10 offices in Japan, our client branches in many other countries including as: England, Hungary, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippine, Thailand, China, South Korea, America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc.

Project Background:
Since the whole Japanese factory moved to China, an updated system was required to meet its new environment and new market demands. This project consisted of learning of price competition, quality management, simplifying business process implementations and supporting multi-currency exchange. The main tasks included orders management, design management, produce scheme management, supporting manufacturing, quality management, consignment management, cost management, raw materials management etc. This project applied to production management and dramatically increased the production efficiency.

Project Characteristic:
·Hardware Environment: PC (C1.4 up or P4 1.8 up, and RAM 256M up).
·Software Environment: Win Server 2000/Win2K/Win XP Oracle 9i
·Technique: Used the latest computer techniques, client/server distributing structures, graphical user interfaces, 4th generation language and supporting tools, and realized inter-operations between different platforms. A larger consideration of the human factor in the operation layout and training costs was required.
·High Capability: Made sure the system can run safely and handle issues that arise quickly. Made sure the data can be run safely and is available at all times. With the goal of perfecting the system, we optimized the capability of coding, SQL processing and lowered time delays.
·Communication Skill: An extremely high level of Japanese was required. All members of the team had to be able to complete all the files and reports in Japanese and communicate with the client in Japanese.
·Management Skill: We followed the CMM3 standards in developing process. We made a plan for the project development scheme, progress monitoring and key technical trials. We also submitted weekly status reports to the client in Japanese; Q&A; We Trained operators both in educational systems and real business systems; Composed "Users Manuals" and went through the manual with the client face to face. As the system was running, we communicated with the client efficiently and solve any problems that arose in a timely fashion.

Project Difficulties:

Long period; many guidelines; High requirements for developers both in liability and developing management.


We sent experienced team members along with members from the client on-site. They provided on-site service according to the requirements of the client.


The project was completed successfully. We won the satisfaction of this client. As the system went on, no exceptional errors have been found. The next joint venture with this client is currently in process.

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