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  Business Scope:
  ·Software development/consulting
  ·Embedded system development
  ·E-business Web Services
  ·BPO Data Entry
  ·Software Testing Quality
  ·Web-hosting Service
  ·IT Service Outsourcing

Software Maintenance and Support Testing

Created more than 400 test cases to analyze patches, upgrades and security updates for operating system software. 5+ year engagement, very closely coupled client/vendor team, with a direct connection to the customer's infrastructure, through a secure client approved offshore facility.

Client Description: One of the world's most famous software companies. This company provides a variety of products and services all over the world, generating annual revenue of tens of billions of US dollars.

Field: IT Industry

Project Background: In order to provide the newest functionality and service to users all over the world, this Client is required to release updated drivers and software, including Internet Browsers, media services, periodically and continuously. The main task of the testing work is to input meta-data and applicable regulations, test the accuracy of the regulations, and release the updated software online on time.

Project Area: Software Testing

Size: 600 people*month

Project Characteristic:
· Knowledge field: This Project requires knowledge of all Microsoft platforms and the ability to report bugs and analyze the bugs' details.
· Technique: Familiarity with the settings of Windows' components and coding updated regulations by using XML is required. Experience in testing knowledge is also necessary.
· High Productivity: Since all the testers are required to operate several machines on different platforms and at different locations synchronously, they should have strong time management and multi-tasking skills.
· Communication Skill: An extremely high English level is required. They must be able to complete all the files and reports in English and communicate with the client in English.
· Management Skill: The team must be able to manage all of the resources, monitor and trace input data, write work progress and bug reports, file work reports and file quality control reports periodically.

Project Difficulties: All testers must possess extensive experience in testing knowledge and a wide variety of computer skills, as well as be very proficient in English. Efficient communication skills and management ability are required.

Solution: After carefully selecting group members, we sent project managers who have extensive testing experience and strong English communication abilities to the client's site (USA). In order to ensure that all members understood the client's requirements and possessed the necessary skills, we held strict training sessions before the project started. As the project went on, we communicated with the client efficiently and solve any problems that arose in a timely fashion.

Result: The project was completed successfully. The client released the updated software as planned. Furthermore, we saved the client more than 50% of the expenses. We won the satisfaction and trust of this client.

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