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  Business Scope:
  ·Software development/consulting
  ·Embedded system development
  ·E-business Web Services
  ·BPO Data Entry
  ·Software Testing Quality
  ·Web-hosting Service
  ·IT Service Outsourcing

Why ISW?

In a highly competitive environment, ISW distinguishes itself by providing the following advantages

�?Our worldwide based project managers ensure, that the risks associated with offshore outsourcing are minimized, and accountability is increased. We have founded branches in China,U.S.,Japan,etc.You don't have to worry about issues like cultural differences, time difference, communication gaps etc.
�?By employing world-class software resources in China, we ensure for you high quality solutions along with significant savings.
�?By partnering with us for your IT needs, you can better devote resources to your core business.

Some highlights of our strengths include:
�?Signed strategic partnership agree with Microsoft, IBM, EDS and UGS, Oracle, Fitec, NEC, Hitachi, etc.
�?ISW's management team has over 7 years of proven high quality outsourcing project delivery experience.
�?ISW has established subsidiary companies in Japan and the USA, and has four R&D centers located in Ji'nan, Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao.
�?INSPUR Group has a sale team of over 1000 people in 30 provinces of China.
�?ISW has a pool of over 2,000 experienced software engineers in INSPUR Group, which we can draw upon as required.
�?More than 10% of ISW's outsourcing staff has international working experience in USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries.
�?ISW strongly believes that communication skills are paramount in the success of our projects, and have project teams who are fluent in Japanese and English
�?Experienced team of project management, and project development flow that following CMM certification.
�?Supported by government.
�?INSPUR Group has developed several college partnership programs with universities for training IT professionals.

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